About the Studio

Hello Dear Lovely Soul,

All though we might never meet face to face, I welcome you to meet me. And hope we can share a friendship through my art work.

Ive been in love with visual storytelling and fairytale for as long as I can remember! Fairytales awoke my imagination and love for learning about how we share our journeys in life and how we connect to each other and the worlds around us. Tarot cards are full of the magic of storytelling. And can be used for self refection or storytelling as well. Creating a colourful image rich narrative around situations we might need help navigating. 

I also love animals a believe they can take us deeper into story because we can see to map of the story. Rather than being distracted by the humans that might not match yourself. You are able to focus on tarot when using animals in the cards.

Im Dutch/Mexican so I had a mix of many stories growing up. In my case I didn't have tv so I turned to books. And when I found tarot and all the amazing art work I was hooked! Ive been painting and print making for over 20 years.

Handcrafted items, locally made is my passion. Working locally and ethically is close and dear to my heart. So Im excited to bring you heavy line art, print making style with the softness of old fairytales.

Im excited to bring you creative animal styled art to add to your life. Thank you so much for supporting this art project here for storytellers and self healers.

Much Love Linda