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About the Studio


Hello Dear Lovely Soul,

Thank you for being interested in my art and all its forms.

My art has strong bold line work with a dust of graphic novel vibe mixed with the gold age of fairytales energy. I love to deeply see into the eyes of the characters I draw, I want them to pull you into their world and show you what they know. A place to step into and feel something familiar that maybe you’ve dreamed about long ago.

A deep longing for the art of storytelling has gripped by heart since I was young. I loved watching for symbols in books and movies, trying to guess what those symbols told us bout the characters or where the plot was headed. So when I found tarot I loved that each card had so much story on just one card. And if you lay out the cards in different orders, it’s as if you have a never ending story of possibilities at you finger tips.

Mixing media in my art work keeps life exciting for me. Telling stories on paper and then moving some characters to fabric or clothing is fun! Lino block carving is soul work, you never really know how it will look till you print it. It can feel like you are carving in the dark. I listen to music while I carve to make sure my carving lines carry the energy of the animal I hoping will show up once I finish the block. Again simple dark silhouettes and strong carved out lines from the lino block is what draws me in. When I print the independent lino blocks together it fun to make sure they are have a conversation on the fabric, it is the key to having an engaging image!

Handcrafted items, locally made is my passion. Working locally and ethically is close and dear to my heart. So Im excited to bring you heavy line art, print making style with the softness of old fairytales.

Looking forward to creating more art to share with you!

Much Love Linda