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Northern Animal Tarot Reviews:

  • Ignites the Storyteller

    "I can’t tell you how happy I am. Your art really resonates with me as I, too, grew up loving animals, nature, and fairytales. Your images take me back to childhood and ignites the storyteller in me."

  • Take me on Journeys

    "Tarot for me isn’t necessarily about reading the cards (although I do that, too), but more of a tool that allows me to open portals in my mind containing old memories and dreams that bring comfort and take me on journeys outside of this crazy world we live in."

  • Unboxing

    "My beautiful deck arrived yesterday and it is WONDERFUL! I can feel all the love you put into the creation and crafting of this deck." 

Magical Creatures Tarot Coming Soon.

Embark on an enchanting journey with the Magical Creatures Tarot Deck! This unique deck brings your most whimsical daydreams to life, featuring dragons, unicorns, gnomes, and mystical water creatures.

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