Values of Creating

Hello Sweet Human, 

   Welcome to Wilder Hearts Studio about me and things I stand by while living and creating in this world of ours.

   I want to support smaller scale workers and be as sustainable and responsibly as I can. Those decisions are reflected in the cost of the work I make available in the world. Other companies can do it for less but that really means someone somewhere along the line of product might have not been paid a living wage. I work in a way that everyone in making my projects gets paid a living wage and the earth is in deep consideration from the materials that I use and companies I work with.

The paper is locally sourced in North America and sustainable made. Which basically means they replant the trees or cut trees in rows. And I also mixed in some paper that has post recycled paper, so some up cycling is all ways good! Made in places where laws keep the rivers clean at the pulp mills and pay real people a living wage. 

 Im still always learning to do better in every part of my life and how all those parts affect others. Making a safe space for all beings to share and create magic in. Thank you for giving me the gift of you support by supporting my art work.

I love Mother Nature and would like to see her live a happy long life for many generations to enjoy. Reduce, reuse & recycle. Plant based. Our Studio donates to a Local Wild Animal Shelter.