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Oops dark printing 3rd Edition Linen

Oops dark printing 3rd Edition Linen

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This Oops deck is printed much darker in color and has muted muddy tones. This deck was a color printing error so I have a few oops decks up for grabs. But it does function as a tarot deck just fine. It's great as a backup deck or a travel deck! 

-The Oops deck comes with tarot cards and a cotton bag. *No tuck box and no little white booklet. 

Welcome to the Northern Animal tarot made for storytellers, daydreamers, and self-healers. Deep inside a wild forest where tall trees touch the shining stars in the dark night sky. Animals rule the storylines of this northern tarot deck adventure. Walk with wolves, deer, and rabbits, and take flight with ravens deep into the cards. Anthropomorphic animals create a magical connection for readers who might get distracted or disconnect with unfamiliar human figures. This deck is here to dust off your storytelling skills with creative and nostalgic fairytale animal characters. But don’t worry I've added some shadow cards to the deck, so you can still get those spooky readings as well! 

This Anthropomorphic Tarot deck follows the symbolism from the classic riderwaite smith deck. Great for first-time tarot readers and seasoned readers will enjoy it as well.

-100 cards are in the Northern Animal tarot deck. Inside you will find all 78 classic tarot cards and extra oracle cards to bring you further into your readings. The NEW card is Fairyland plus 3 extra cards, 5 moon cards, 4 season cards, 4 shadow cards, and 3 tarot spread cards too!

The deck is comprised of 100 Linen Finish Casino Grade Cards, fantastic for riffle shuffling the deck, 310 gsm. The size of the tarot card is the classic tarot size of 12.5cm x 7.25cm or 4.75 inches x 2.75 inches.

Each Northern Animal Tarot deck comes with a tarot bag that is hand-carved and printed by the artist. This beautiful Fox in Vines is perfect for your new deck to stay cozy in. 

Small limited print runs are ethically printed in the United States. I made sure your tarot deck is created with love and care. 

I've been a lover of fairytales and folk tales that include animals in them. Love how fairytales all have hidden meanings and characters in them. And I wanted a tarot deck with those’s kinds of animal archetypes in it. So Thank You for Supporting an Independent Artist and this Tarot Deck!

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